Lots of Little People

Learn to sketch simple but expressive stick figures

  • Do you find it hard to draw people in your sketchnotes, on your flip charts or on your graphic recordings?
  • Are your stick figures a bit stiff and lifeless?
  • Are you lacking ideas for how to sketch different poses, actions and expressions?

Practice your people sketching skills with templates for 120 simple but characterful little stick figures.

Practice, play and get confident drawing quick and expressive little people. The printable also includes ideas and tips for experimenting with different variations to create your own little characters.

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What's included?

120 poses and actions

Little People Basics – Templates (PDF)

120 Little People illustrations in different basic poses / actions: standing, walking, running, jumping, sitting & lying with different qualities.

Each illustration is available in two version: one full drawing and one grey line drawing without face to use a as base to draw your own variations

JPG template for digital sketching

Templates for digital sketching (JPG)

The grey line drawings are also available as JPGs (10 sheets of 12 illustrations) that can be imported into digital drawing programs to use as templates to sketch your own variations on top.

Use them with Procreate, Adobe Draw, Affinity or any other digital drawing app.

Tips and ideas for practice

How to play with the templates (PDF)

10-page PDF that explains how to practice with the templates and gives you some inspirations for how to play with different variations for the eyes, eybrows, mouth, hair, body, clothes, and other attributes.

Create your own expressions, characters and start to tell their little stories.

Who is this printable for?

This printable for everybody who needs to draw simple but expressive figures in their work or wants to practice this skill just for fun.

Drawing people is central to creating fun and engaging sketchnotes, flipcharts, graphic recordings, UX storyboards, visual explanations and many other things.

Where you can use little people

The templates are a great ressource for trainers, coaches, facilitators, teachers, sketchnoters, graphic recorders, UXers and anybody who wants to express themselves clearly through simple visuals. 

Check it out for FREE

Try out if you enjoy sketching my Little People by previewing a sample of the printable.

Check it out for FREE

Try out if you enjoy sketching my Little People by previewing a sample section of the PDF.

About the Author

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Eva-Lotta Lamm is a designer, illustrator and visual thinking expert. After studying design in Germany, she lived in Paris and London for 10 years, working as a User Experience designer for companies like Yahoo, Skype and Google.  

Eva-Lotta made herself a name for taking sketchnotes — a hand drawn form of visual notes that combine words and images into rich visual summaries — at design conferences around the globe, which she published in several books. She is also sought after expert and speaker on the topic of sketching and visual thinking. She regularly teaches sketching workshops, helping people from all kinds of professions to use the power of visual thinking to develop and express their ideas.  

After being a (semi-)nomad for over 2 years — travelling the world, studying yoga and improvisation and doing freelance work — she now lives in Berlin, working as an independent designer, teacher and author.

Get practicing and start creating your own stick figure characters

Practice, play and get confident drawing quick and expressive little people. Get the printable and start creating your own little characters.

🇩🇪 Die Druckvorlage gibt es auch auf Deutsch